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3 3 thanks drew. c of an air conditioning t's been for people who have to wk ouoors.big crowd is gaheringmiller rk for tonight's brewers cubs ds it feel rsfo in with cbs 58's jacob
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3 3 don't forget to download the cbs 58 ready weather app to stay up to date on this september heat can watch live radar and see temperatures for your area. it's free for apple and android. new at five, if you ask someone where to grab a burger in milwaukee, chances are "sobelman's". well tonight, one of the re looneing ordered to close. close.back in june, a gun went off, apparently by the doorway of the sobelman's on 16th and wells just outside the marquette university campus. four people were hit by life threatening i. injuries.but today we learned the shooting ?may? have influenced members of the common council to take away that restaurant's license. cbs 58's amanda devoe joins us
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owner dave sobelman says 39 employees will be out of work for two weeks because of the common council's decision. according to a rep from alderman bob bauman, the sobelmans were supposed to show up for a hearing to renew their license in july but did not show up. although they attended today's meeting, they have still been ordered to close temporarily. sobelman says he did not realize he had to be present at meetings, but paid the license fees required to remain open. the restaurant suspended and they are not allowed to operate until the full common council takes up the issue on the 21st. sobelman says he's been at odds with bauman for years. he also says the accidental shooting and being very vocal about not wanting the streetcar, are the reasons why he thinks this is happening. some students in the area are disappointed by closing. 3 we've had times where we've screamed on the phone. now he's shutting me down.
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we reached out to alderman bauman for further comment, and have not heard back. live in mke, ad cbs 58 3 the wheels are turning toward a new trial for the 1990 murder of berit beck. the trial of murder suspect dennis brantner earlier this year ended in a hung jury. prosecutors plan to retry brantner....they met with the defense this morning but no action was taken. another hearing is coming a week from today.the 62-year-old brantner was charged with the cold case murder after authorities re-examined fingerprints found near the 18-year-old's body as well as d-n-a evidence. now a story you'll see only on cbs 58. a south milwaukee woman wants to ththhouse from catching fire overnight. if only she could find 58's lindsey branwall has her story tonight .
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around the corner could help her find the man who saved her from an overnight fire fireat 3 in the morning christina pena heard pounding at her door. she says a man woke her up notify her of a fire outside her she put out the fire, the man that woke her up walked away.she hopes to find this man to thank him for saving the families, pets and children that live she says he had light skin, a hat, and was carrying a bag of fast food from george webb... george webb does have security cameras outside their restaurant. but can't say if the man was caught on camera. sot:04:05"thanks to this man i got another chance and these kids got another chance. if it wasn't for hi?fm i don't know where any of us would be right now"lindsey:char marks are all the evidence of this fire. christina says milwaukee police and fire are investigating this as arson. reporting on milwaukees 3
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small fire.smoke was reported inside bolton hall, one of the busiest buildings on the campus. uw-milwaukee police say there was a fire outside the building, possibly some burning grass or brush, and smoke from that fire was sued i everyone was cleared out....this photo shows the students outside the hall. we're told no one was hurt, but at last word, bolton hall was still closed. 3 year, but some local students have no where to . that's because i-t-t technical institute campuses have been shut down all over the country. 58's david ade joins us live from one of those campuses in greenfield with details....david? this is one of about 130 i-t-t tech campuses around the country and today they're all shut down. the indianapolis based for-profit trade school made that announcement this morning.
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wisconsin madison and here in greenfield.the wisconsin better business bureau says it's not a surprise the school is shutting down since it's been surrounded by controversy. the most recent aen the feds banned the school from enrolling students receiving financial i talked to some current and former students who aren't sure what trt: 20oc: bag because of this this "my first thought was what financial aid since there's like some kind of scandal going on with t" that." "i was going crazy i was like oh this can't be happening until one of my buddies school." "bottom lines a lot of people who were trying to better themselves better their family better their community are really left holding the bag because of this." students tell me this building lk to administrators.the bbb is also warning of other for-profit schools who may swoop in and try to seize on this opportunity and lure
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news. lwaukee mayor torret addressed milwaukee's health problems at a local forum today. today. "it's easy to turn on talk radio, it's easy to go on tv and say oh there's another milwaukee problem. but is it a lwaukee lem or is it our problem as a society in wisconsin."n commissioner bevan baker answered questions today. the mayor pointed to progress the city has made in regnancy and c a milwaukee alderman responds tism of the licosafety proposal. proposal. "the implication of all the recommendatiin the public safety committee repormore afri
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result of weeks of hearings before the council's publi safety, after hearing abele's comment on cbs 58, committee chairn bob donovan fired back. in a lengthy statement, donovan said quote "it's asinine for the county executive to trash a plan when in h years in office he's never offered one of his c with policies that have actually contributed to the to clean up)."cbs 58 has reached out to donovan for an on-air comment today...he has at can be donetyoung people...i focus of a special report tonight on cbs 58.'s called "milwaukee at a crossroads" and for the last few weeks, we'be been talking with local leaders, member of the public and people who have beenouched personally by violence in our 58's amanda porterfield joins us witwh more on what's coming up
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michele, many of us here, including you and mike have contributed to this special. we've talked to everyone from police chief ed flynn to republican congressman jim sensenbrenner. all focused on the issue of gun violence in milwaukee and possible solutions. but in addition to that - we put five families who've had children killed by random gunfire in a room. we talked about everything from emotions to n laws. heres part of what you'll hear from them tonight. "a lot of people let the gun do the thinking for 'em. so guns, it's the person carrying the guns. y'know a lot of people put the blame on the guns, it's the people that's using them.""and in my case, with it being a 13-year old holding that gun, it makes me
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gun in a park? why was it easy for hanybody to get a gun anywhere.""right." uns e proemou many people i've spoken to today have asked what's the goal? and i've been the goal? have askedhat's the goal? and i've been sharing that - our to sh has affected the familes they leave behind days, months years after the tragedy. how deeply. but also to get a conversation started through our hopes that the community will take it from thtofft change together in the community. you can watch "milwaukee at a crosdstonight at 7 on cbs 58. it will air without commercials. please join us and join this imrtant conversation. we will also be on facebook live at 8 right after it ends. and you can through twitter using hashtag #mkecrossroads 3 next at five, the amazing generosity of herb kohl has teachers all over wisconsin celebrating tonight. we'll tell you why. 3 and ahead in sports, they were unranked last week....wait
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the brand new college football's a real "lambeau
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visit to learn more. 3 3 3er case from 27-years ago...solved in minneapolis. a man today admitted abducting, sexually assaulting and killing 11-year old jab wetterling in 1989. danny heinrich confessed as he pornography charge. heinrich led authorities to the child's body last week after he initially denied playing a role in wetterling's death. our heas hearting. i'm not ready to talkto the media yet because for us jacob was alive until we found him.
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a plea deal for heinrich means he won't face criminal charges for the murder, though he could be committed minnesota's sexual offender ogram after he serves his term for child porn. oue ghth d kepthem om leaving town -- he's made countless donations to worthy causes in wisconsin. now former senator herb kohl is helping teachers all over the 58's april dovorany joins us in the studio with the story. teachers across the state found out just after midnight this morning --that every single item, every single project listed on the crowdfunding site "donors choose dot org"--was paid for by the former senator. in total-224 projects were funded at milwaukee public schools..totalling about 145-thousand dollars. but teachers tell us-this iabout so much more than money. as early as next week-these teachers will be receiving shipments of the vital tools for their classrooms that they requested on "donors choose
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as ipads and special furniture to encourage better things as mple as crayons and paper. morgandale elementary school teacher rachel shleet-er had ?fe projects fully funded--one of them-a simple request for rest mats for her k-4 students...that will make a world of difference in he students lives' at home.and at school. "when i looked at a store they were 19.99 for one rest mat so having that project get funded makes a big difference. thats money going back into the family and they'rle afford the things they need and then were able to help maybe supply the things that are more difficult to get." in total-700 projects were fully funded in the state. tonight at 10-we'll tell you what this means for the thousands of students
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80s. 3 you're looking at the inside of the capitol building rotunda in washington, d-c. spectacular sight, isn't it the rotunda reopened for tours today aft about 6-weeks of restoration. water has been leaking through the damaged exterior of the domes, causing damage on the inside. now that damage has been fixed and tourists can walk through and look up at one of america's signature sights. 3
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story from last week. when travis rudolph caught his first touchdown pass of the season for the florida state seminoles last night, his new 6th grade buddy was in the stands to see it. 3 travis rudolph is a great football player and an awesome r superstar rudolph invited bo paske to the seminoles' first game last night...before the game, he introduced him to the rest of the f-s-u team and even gave him his own personalized jersey.travis and bo went viral together last week, when the football player sat down and had lunch with the au school visit in tallahassee. the impact on bo, who often ate lunch by himself, has been nothing short of amazing. (sot/thu0089)i'm a superstar! maybe there was a bit of karma at work for rudolph and his team last night. florida state trailed by 22 points in the first half last night, but the seminoles staged a huge
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it's an unusual week at packers practice. practice.they're dealing with recent changes... and with the heat that'll follow them to florida this weekend. mike mccarthy on both
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it's the calm before regular se and it's almost over. over.the packers didn't practice for several days after thursday's preseason finale, and a lot has changed in that time, but the re- shaped packers have a roster of 53 and they're focused on the season opener in
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departure is still a topic and stl talked about, and mike mccarthy was careful to give his guys time to sort out all the changes before they settled into the week one workload. 3 3 mccarthy: the 48 hour period after you formulate your roster is a tough time. there's personal relationships you have to take into account. so it's a shame every year. somebody in the staff or suppor staff or personnel department, and there's relationships there on every level. the weather's even helping out the packers preps for jacksonville. the heat's rned up today, and that'll match what the will face in florida this weekend. but today isn't the only day green bay has faced the heat. the green and gold sweat through many, o-t td coach reminds us it's not november - the difference in temps isn't that high. 3 3
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warmer there than where we've trained the past five weeks of training camp. we've been training ir that similar to what we're going same time, we have to take care of the hydration. color the a-p poll voers impressed with big red'sin over l-s-u. wisconsin jumps fromnranked all the way to tenth in the newest sociated press poll releas today. they're 16th in the coaches poll. going from unranked to the top ten is unheard of, but seven of last week's top 25 teams lost in week 1. that's an all-time record for an opening week. the other four big ten teams to make the poll are all in a row on bucky badger's schedule, starting later this mon. hidden among the brewers rebuild is a pretty significant day today for ryan . brthe brewers slugger is the team's nominee for the roberto clemente award. that honor goes to the player who best represents the game
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and it means more in this case because three years ago at this time, braun was sitting out a 65 game p-e-d suspension. among braun's off-the-field efforts this year, a one-hundred-thousand dollar donation to the brewers community foundation. the brewers september call-ups include taylor jungmann, and what a long journey back to the big league it has been. jungmann was in the crew's rotation to start the year, but struggled so badly, he was sent down after a monnd pitched in colorado, arizona, and biloxi mississippi - three different levels of the minors
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there's a better way. i've read russ feingolan.d's pl he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america. russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates come out swinging. >> once again donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> pelley: ath campaign begins, we'll size up the battle in the battleground states. also tonight, a confession in the abduction and murder of an . >> it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. >> pelley: a sexual harassment suit against former fox news chief roger ailes is settled with an apology from the company


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